Strippin ain't easy...

Soooo, the frontal facelift continues on our house. Our porch was in desperate need of some updating...

I had originally planned on just painting over the white with a dark brown...but once I started prepping the wood, we realized that the white paint was peeling and cracking and needed to go. So my mister decided we should strip the paint first and stain the wood instead. Which is a great idea...we just didn't realized we'd have to strip off SEVEN layers of paint!!! Yowza!

So after lots and lots and lots of stripping...this is the current state. Eek, a little scary! The patina is actually sort of pretty in person...and kind of fun to see all the different colors that the porch has been, and imagine all the different people who have sat on this porch and sipped lemonade.
Lots and lots of sanding is next...then onto staining!
I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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